20 Simple Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

Spring has sprung and so has the real estate market!   Are you ready?

Below are 10 awesome tips for improving your home’s curb appeal and wowing buyers as soon as they pull up in front.  Think about immediately wanting them to get excited and feel like they just can’t wait to get inside!

And once they do enter, please don’t let them down 🙂  Create an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable – where they feel like they are already “Home”.   Read through the 10 simple tips below for transforming the interior of your house into a “Home” as well and you’ll see what a difference they can make in your sale!

preparing your home for sale

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make the most of it!  Once buyers are emotionally attached, there usually are few objections that can get in the way of them moving forward.  (And remember buyers who are emotionally attached are the ones to act the fastest and pay the most that they can.)

Let me know if you need suggestions or assistance in getting your property ready to sell.  It would be a pleasure to work with you on making your next move a success!  From Boston to Attleboro to Providence and beyond,  my team is ready to serve you throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Staging to Sell

Real Estate Agents ProvidenceSoooooooo many sellers getting their properties ready to go on the market right now. I can tell that June is going to be a VERY busy month. I know I have three listings whose sellers all want to go “live” during the first week of June. I will definitely be taking the upcoming long weekend to rest up and hopefully my clients will be able to squeeze in a little fun as well while they really dig in to getting their homes “show” and “offer writing” ready!

The National Association of Realtors just shared the timely infographic of advice below on how to stage and style a home on a budget. So many great ideas that are both affordable, simple, and impactful when presenting your home to prospective buyers.
Staging your home on a budget for a fast sale

First impressions are everything.

Make sure your curb appeal is all it can be… weed the gardens, mow the lawn,  tidy up the mailbox, mulch the beds.  You want a nice clean presentation as buyers pull up the drive way.

And make sure to consider your front entry and door…  fix any loose bricks on the steps, paint the front door, clean the windows,  and I always love to add a potted geranium for a classic pop of color 🙂

Once inside, a good cleaning and some fresh paint really go a long way.   If you have pets, make sure buyers don’t see or smell traces of them.  Some buyers will turn around and walk right out if animals aren’t their cup of tea or if they have allergies.

Clear out as much furniture as possible keeping only those pieces that truly help to define the room.

When placing furniture, try to keep corners clear as this will help to give the room a more open spacious feel.  (Lighting in the corners also will help with that.)   Speaking of lighting, if you don’t have over head lights, make sure to have lamps to give off ample “glow” – especially for evening showings.  You don’t want buyers calculating how much it would cost to have an electrician come in to wire for more lights in the ceiling.

And, yes, get rid of the clutter and “stuff”.  You want buyers to feel relaxed and want their eye to continue traveling around a room or space.  If you have committed to selling, you have committed to moving so just start packing!!

Keep bedding simple if you can – white quilts or comforters are great to brighten up a space.   Keep decor on couches and chairs simple as well – one throw and a couple of pillows should be fine to add some pizzazz.  (And please don’t spread the throw out across the back of the couch, it just breaks up the space way too much and draws too much attention.)

Clear off those kitchen counters and bathroom counters.  It is so important that both of those spaces appear clean and neat.   Toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, medicine, etc. should all go neatly under the sink or in a drawer.  Spice racks, coffee pots, mixers, toaster ovens, etc. should be removed from counters to show off the space in a kitchen.   (I suggest having a laundry basket handy for showings so you can load all of the extra “stuff” into it and then take it along in the car with you.)  Fresh fruit and fresh flowers are great for livening up a kitchen with color.

Outside in the backyard, group outdoor toy sets, arrange seating areas so they look deliberate, and get rid of anything that may look like “junk” to a buyer.  Seeing anything “broken” during a showing can set the tone for a buyer.  If something has been sitting for a year or more waiting for you to fix it… just get rid of it 🙂

Ultimately, you need to look at your home with Buyers’ eyes.  Be critical because buyers will be for sure!

Check out listings on-line and see how you feel about the rooms presented in the photos.   Take your own photos of the rooms in your home – do they look open and spacious or is your focus drawn more to the “things” scattered around the room.  People love to blow up pictures on their computer screens so background details matter.

And if you are thinking about selling, always feel free to contact me for a consultation on things to do around your home as well as what your home would be worth in the current real estate market.

Call/text 508-930-5259 or e-mail me at jen.mcmorran@gmail.com.  I really enjoy helping and working with you to decide on the best solutions to capture buyers’ attention to sell your home.

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