I think I found my Island!!

…or at least a great idea for one.

Eric Perry © 2014 Kitchen Island in HGTV Smart Home
Photo by Eric Perry

I have been on the look out for a unique kitchen island since we moved into our home 8 years ago.  Built in 1743, I really want to add something unique to our home’s kitchen.  I want to add functionality but not weigh down the space visually.  While glancing through HGTV‘s website on the hunt for fun storage ideas I came across this kitchen island.  Yay!!!

I love that they were able to run electricity to it and still maintain the look of a table.  I love the drawers which would be great for silverware, spices, napkins, cooking utensils, etc.  And, I love that you get seating too (which would be so great in front of the huge beehive oven fireplace we have in our kitchen).

This piece would be too big for the working portion of our kitchen but my creative juices are flowing again…  maybe I could find an old table or a table top on clearance at a furniture store.  It could be so fun to find a unique base and a functional top then run electricity (disguised somehow) up one of the legs to an outlet on the island.  Thankfully I know a great guy who loves metal work and does amazing woodwork and finish carpentry.  My ideas and his skills … the possibilities are unlimited.    (I am also thinking now this could be a great table idea for our eating area which also doubles as homework space.  Those drawers could be used for pencils, rulers, markers, etc.  Or, I could use a couple for bills and mail…  We could plug in lap tops without tripping over cords… I am getting excited!).

When you get a chance, you have to check out some of the other unique storage solutions featured in the HGTV Smart Home.  Perfect storage for mugs and coffee maker, a pet bowl drawer, and even cabinetry specifically designed to house your paper towels – who would have thought??

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