Loyalist or Patriot?

Blizzard of 2015… Snowed in with two 8th graders studying for their history mid-term on the Revolutionary War, but it’s not all that bad!

Growing up in Rochester, NY it all just seemed like a bunch of dates and cities to memorize – not relevant at all to my 13 year old life.  Now living in Massachusetts, it is quite fun to see how the kids make way more sense out of it than I ever did (and I am enjoying relearning it too).

Walk the Freedom Trail, take a Duck Tour, hit Boston on a shopping expedition, or just stroll down the streets of any small Massachusetts town … history is all around you.  The Boston Massacre and The Boston Tea Party  united the Colonists against English rule.  Many of the battle sites of Revolutionary War are a part of our everyday lives.  Really, this is where it all started…  (The girls would also note that one of our standard household beers has claimed the name of a famous Patriot – I do enjoy an occasional Sam Adams.)

The city of Boston and its surrounding areas provides such a rich history of people, culture, and architecture.  Our museums and theaters are filled with the best of the arts.  Our hospitals and universities receive international acclaim and attraction.  Not sure there are fans any more loyal than those of the Red Sox, Bruins, or Patriots – through thick and thin, inflated and deflated – our fans stand strong no matter what!

And, the architecture… I love the stories that the houses in New England share.  From the early period Saltbox to the classic Georgian Colonial,  to the Greek Revival period, to the Picturesque Period of Gothic and Victorian styles…they all reflected a blend of current local society and the influences brought to America from overseas.

Now for a little Revolutionary War and Architecture Trivia… 
During the Revolutionary War, most Colonists aligned themselves with one of two groups. The Patriots united to establish their independence from England.  The Loyalists stayed allegiant to English Rule and the King.  Did you know that some Loyalists secretly expressed their allegiance to the King through architecture?

Which of these homes secretly indicated that
the residents remained loyal to the King and English Rule?



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(Answer:  Look at the chimneys.  The secret sign that a homeowner was a loyalist was that they painted their chimneys white with a black rim around the top. A fun fact compliments of Jodi O’Brien during a recent course on Architecture I attended. )

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