Electronics Recycling, North Attleboro, October 19

Electronic Recycling

Who? You, Indie Cycle, Attleboro Farms’ Farmers Market

Where? Attleboro Farms, 491 Hickory Road, North Attleboro

When? Sunday October 19, 2014, 12:00 to 3:00

What? Electronics Recycling, unwanted electronic items, regardless of age or condition.

TV & MONITOR DROP OFF FEES NOW APPLY IN MASSACHUSETTS as electronic waste recyclers are not being reimbursed for collecting and transport expenses. Fees apply as follows:
Television and monitor drop off fees $10 for up to 29 inches, $15 for up to 30 inches and $15 for anything larger.

Rear projection and wood cabinet/console TVs – $20.

A $10 disposal fee applies to all coolant containing devices such as mini-fridges, household air conditioners, water coolers and dehumidifiers.

ALL OTHER items are FREE: computers, flat screens, mice, laptops, all phones, keyboards, printers, toner cartridges, wire, stereos, DVD/CD players, batteries, and any small household appliances.

Items that are not accepted include light bulbs, mattresses, paper or Styrofoam, paint, firearms or broken TV tubes.

This drop off is open to anyone from North Attleboro and surrounding communities saving on disposal fees and diverting e-waste from landfills and transfer stations for reuse or recycling.

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Unique Sideboard from Stock Cabinets

Have you ever searched and searched … and searched and searched…. for that perfect piece of furniture for storage?  I know I have spent (wasted???) many a morning and afternoon perusing furniture showrooms, thrift shops, yard sales, and antique stores on a mission for the right  piece of furniture in the right size.  Though nice to take an occasional break from Real Estate and work around the house, sometimes I just want “it” now so I can check it off of my perpetual “to-do” list  (and get our clutter behind closed doors).


a finished sideboard or credenzaI thought this was a great idea from This Old House Magazine (Photo: Wendell T. Webber)  In fact, I am thinking beyond just a side board… kitchen island (make sure to finish the back side as well), baby changing table, TV console.  There are so many different cabinet options in so many sizes.  Combine that with cool hardware, premade legs/feet, and unlimited options in paints and stains.   Keep it simple or get creative… there are no limits.  In the end though you know  your masterpiece will fit both your space and decor – plus you can say, “I did that” – how cool!

(Don’t forget to check out your local home improvement centers for custom order returns and clearanced cabinets… can’t wait to start scoping out our area North Attleboro stores!)


How to Build a Sideboard from Stock Cabinets

This elegant storage piece comes together with off-the-shelf base kitchen cabinets and simple molding

turning kitchen cabinets into a sideboard overview illustration

Illustration Jennifer Stimpson

Dishware, serving pieces, table linens—a sideboard packs a whole lot of storage space into a relatively small footprint, making it a handy addition to any household. A sturdy, high-quality one can leave a thousand-dollar dent in your finances, but as This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates, you can enhance a few stock kitchen base cabinets with molding, furniture feet, and knobs to produce a handcrafted piece for a fraction of the cost of buying one ready-made. Opt for unfinished 15- or 18-inch cabinets fitted with doors and operable drawers (not the fake drawer fronts used for sink cabinets) and take a day to put all the pieces together. Your handsome creation will turn heads at dinner parties for years to come.

The design for this sideboard is based on one found in the book The Find, by Stan Williams.

Paint: Fabulous Red in semigloss; Valspar. Rub n ‘Buff Metallic Finishes in Antique Gold; Amaco.

Make Mom Happy!

I know, I know, as a Realtor I am always telling clients to declutter, get rid of things, put the extra “stuff” away. Probably no surprise that as a Mom, I am also saying the same thing at home to my kids, husband, and even our dogs  (crazy how many dog toys I can find lying around!!)

Best Mother's Day GiftWell with Mother’s Day coming up, I have to share this fabulous low cost, no-clutter-creating-idea. This Mother’s Day keepsake will continue giving year after year, but the added bonus… it fits nicely on a shelf and always will.

Imagine as a Mom, not having to worry about where that precious “I love you Mom over-the-top crafty project” is going to be stored for years to come after you kids so lovingly presented it to you. You’ll merely close the cover of a pretty book and place it on a shelf – that is a gift in itself 🙂 No bins, no attic steps up to storage area for the bins… just a lovely book on a shelf – ahh… heaven!

I saw this idea on a blog by Gretchen Bossio.

Purchase a pretty journal and for around $10-$15, you could have your Mother’s Days set for years (if you have checked out the cost of a greeting card lately, you know that is a great deal). Every May, have your loved ones take a couple of pages to write a quick note, attach a photo, and/or draw a cute picture for “Mom”. How fun to see how your kids and your book evolve year after year. My girls are now 13 but it’s not too late to start. I am hoping to have a little fun dragging out those bins up in the attic together. We can pull out the notes and cards from “way back when” and attach them to the beginning pages. We could also take pictures of the “over-the-top-I-love-you-Mom projects” and add those to the book.

A little mother-daughter  bonding mixed with creativity resulting in less stuff – perfect!
Don’t you just love how simple things can be so meaningful?

My Moms and My KidsA very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the people in our lives who are mother’s to us and who have helped to make us great mothers to our children!

Selling from Declutter to Close!

Want to sell your home?  Start with the basics.

Together we can get you from Decluttering to Sold!

Welcome Buyers to your HomeAs a Realtor, I suggest that before you think about major projects that could be completed to attract buyers, first stick to the basics. Elizabeth Weintraub had some great suggestions and I added a few of my own based on years of working with a variety of buyers and sellers.  You would be amazed how these simple concepts can make an extraordinary difference.  (And, you’ll likely note other sellers who have overlooked them when you are out looking for your new home!)

Commit to selling

  • 1. Disassociate yourself with your home
  • 2. Your home should now become a “house”, a product to be sold just like any item at a store
  • 3. Realize that this house will no longer be yours
  • 4. Say “farewell” to each room and look to the future


  • 1. Time to pack up personal photographs and other family mementoes. Do not distract buyers with your “stuff”.
  • 2. We want buyers to envision their personal treasures in your home and on your walls. We want them thinking about how they could make this their next home (and not be distracted by trying to figure out what type of people are currently living in the home.)


  • 1. If you can live without it while you sell, pack it up!
  • 2. If you don’t use it, either give it away or throw it away. Why pack it to store at your next house?
  • 3. Scale down your book shelves and leave some empty space on them by removing books, knick-knacks, photographs, etc.
  • 4. Clear kitchen counters of everything. Put soaps, paper towels, etc. under the counter. For ease, place it all in one basket then put away for showings.

Organize closets, pantries, and cabinets

  • 1. If your closets and cabinets are organized, buyers will assume that the rest of your home has likely been cared for as well. (If things are messy or falling out, that will definitely send the wrong message!)
  • 2. Stack dishes, mugs, and glasses neatly.
  • 3. Face canned goods and boxes all forward.
  • 4. Place clothes on matching hangers and have them facing the same direction. Remove items that are out of season to make the closet seem more spacious. (We never want buyers concerned about a lack of storage!)

Rent a Storage Unit

  • 1. While homes typically show better with furniture, less is more. Remove any pieces that may interfere with what should be walkways and doorways and those that are oversized for the room.
  • 2. Take out extra leaves from dining tables to create more space. Also store extra chairs.
  • 3. Make sure to leave furniture that helps to define a room’s purpose and make sure the “purpose” has sensible widespread appeal.

Replace/Remove Excluded Items

  • 1. Many sellers like to exclude favorite “items” when listing their homes.  Buyers on the other hand might like them to convey with the property (i.e. refrigerator, chandeliers, window treatments, swing sets, etc.)
  • 2. Better to remove them and/or replace them before the buyers know what they are missing.

Make Minor Repairs

  • 1. Cracked floor or counter tiles.
  • 2. Patch holes in walls and ceilings.
  • 3. Fix leaks.
  • 4. Fix doors that do not close and drawers that may get caught.
  • 5. Paint rooms a neutral color. Check out popular home décor magazines for current color palates.
  • 6. Make sure all light fixtures and light bulbs work.
  • 7. Update curtains, bedspreads, table cloths etc. Again we want buyers to see the home not become preoccupied with your personal style.
  • 8. Clean carpets and floors! You may be used to the spots on the floors but buyers are going to notice them all.

Make the House Sparkle

  • 1. Wash windows inside and out.
  • 2. Clean exterior making sure to get rid of any mildew, dirt, etc.
  • 3. Dust window sills, mouldings, heating elements, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • 4. Recaulk tubs, showers, and sinks.
  • 5. Polish faucets, door knobs, cabinet pulls, and mirrors.
  • 6. Make sure to eliminate any strange odors (pets, smoking, strong cooking, mildew/mold). Smells are an immediate turn off to many buyers and not a good impression.
  • 7. If carpets cannot be cleaned, replace them.

Curb Appeal

  • 1. The curb appeal of your home is the first impression you will make on buyers.
  • 2. Keep the yard clear of toys, trash, dead plants & shrubs
  • 3. Mow the lawn.
  • 4. Trim bushes.
  • 5. Paint trim, railing, and front door if needed.
  • 6. Think about shutters as a nice addition to your exterior.
  • 7. Have house numbers clearly visible and looking sharp. (Spray paint can do wonders on mailboxes and house numbers.)

Now Scrutinize!

  • 1. Walk up to the front door. Are you compelled to see what is inside? Is it welcoming?
  • 2. Go inside and check out each room. Linger in the doorways as a buyer would. What is your impression? Do the rooms impress you? Do they have impact?
  • 3. Should you move anything? Should you remove anything? Check out other listings on-line in your price range and make sure you can compete or better yet, that your home shows better!

Still confused? As a Realtor I work with all sorts of buyers and know what they are looking for in a home.  Though it is not always easy to deliver news to a seller about the state or decor of their home, it is part of being a Realtor.  I’ll be honest, but know it is because I am committed to helping you as a seller through the entire process – Decluttering to Close!