Make Mom Happy!

I know, I know, as a Realtor I am always telling clients to declutter, get rid of things, put the extra “stuff” away. Probably no surprise that as a Mom, I am also saying the same thing at home to my kids, husband, and even our dogs  (crazy how many dog toys I can find lying around!!)

Best Mother's Day GiftWell with Mother’s Day coming up, I have to share this fabulous low cost, no-clutter-creating-idea. This Mother’s Day keepsake will continue giving year after year, but the added bonus… it fits nicely on a shelf and always will.

Imagine as a Mom, not having to worry about where that precious “I love you Mom over-the-top crafty project” is going to be stored for years to come after you kids so lovingly presented it to you. You’ll merely close the cover of a pretty book and place it on a shelf – that is a gift in itself 🙂 No bins, no attic steps up to storage area for the bins… just a lovely book on a shelf – ahh… heaven!

I saw this idea on a blog by Gretchen Bossio.

Purchase a pretty journal and for around $10-$15, you could have your Mother’s Days set for years (if you have checked out the cost of a greeting card lately, you know that is a great deal). Every May, have your loved ones take a couple of pages to write a quick note, attach a photo, and/or draw a cute picture for “Mom”. How fun to see how your kids and your book evolve year after year. My girls are now 13 but it’s not too late to start. I am hoping to have a little fun dragging out those bins up in the attic together. We can pull out the notes and cards from “way back when” and attach them to the beginning pages. We could also take pictures of the “over-the-top-I-love-you-Mom projects” and add those to the book.

A little mother-daughter  bonding mixed with creativity resulting in less stuff – perfect!
Don’t you just love how simple things can be so meaningful?

My Moms and My KidsA very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the people in our lives who are mother’s to us and who have helped to make us great mothers to our children!

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