What it takes!

SOLD!!  36 Pole Plain, Sharon   $348,000

As many of my clients have learned this fall, real estate can be hard work!  There can be so many variables involved in a deal that are tough to predict.  I love to pull up statistics and analyze data, but in the end, data can’t always predict buyer or seller behavior.  After all, it is people we are dealing with when buying and selling homes. And people vary immensely when it comes to their motivations, negotiating styles, and values.

I hear so often from other professionals in my field…
Open houses don’t sell houses.
Print media like newspaper ads and mailings don’t do anything.
Zillow is all that matters.
Social media is the key.
Search Engine Optimization should be an agent’s focus.

FOR SALE ~ $214,900

The fact is, we don’t know exactly what will resonate with each specific buyer or seller out in the market place.  When listing your property, my job as a Realtor is to assist you with preparing your home to hit the market and then to expose your property to as many likely buyers as possible.  I need to have a good working knowledge of your property  and understand any objections buyers may have so I can address those with solutions whether immediately or with a follow up call or e-mail. When with potential buyers at your home, I am constantly trying to gauge what aspects of you property or location might be most important to highlight with each buyer through simple questions and careful listening.   Not everyone is able to make a decision right away, that is where my patience and persistence pay off.   And then it is making sure your property is constantly being exposed whether on-line, through print media, or networking with other agents.  My job is to sell your home and I will do what it takes to get it Sold!

I recently worked with Liz and Ed to list and sell their home at 36 Pole Plain Road in Sharon.  So wonderful to assist them as they begin a whole new journey with their family and the testimonial below from them was an added bonus – it truly sums up what I work towards in all of my client relationships.


And, in case you were wondering, the buyers were a result of coming to two of my open houses!

If you’d like to talk about buying or selling a home, just let me know.  And always feel free to share my contact information (508-930-5259, jen.mcmorran@gmail.com) with anyone you may know in need of assistance.

Jen McMorran, RealtorJennifer McMorran, Realtor
New Construction & First Time Home Buyer Specialist
(and Antique lover & home owner)


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New listings:
Attleboro, 2 bedroom garden style condominium near town & train, $124,900
Attleboro, 3 bedroom uptown Colonial with great backyard, low $200’s
Easton, 2 bedroom end-unit townhouse in Easton Crossing, $214,900

Realtor.com (or .con) ?

22 cottageYou are browsing through listings on Realtor.com.  You know, just for fun.

And it happens, a home appears on the screen that may be “It”.

Hesitant to call and schedule an appointment, you fill out the “tell me more about this property” form in hopes the listing agent will send along some special tid bits of information on that listing.

Well, sadly, as it is with much of what we find on the World Wide Web, this contact form is not going to give you what or whom you are expecting.

The “tell me more about this property” form is not to provide you, the consumer, a service. This “form” is instead a tool Realtor.com uses to make additional money by charging agents for buyer leads (even on their own listings).    Your contact information is passed on to someone who has paid for “your lead” and may not to the agent associated with that listing.

If Realtors and brokerages choose not to pay the monthly fee, inquiries on our own listings are randomly distributed to those willing to pay a fee for leads.

For Sale by Jen McMorranSo, how can you get more information on the property from the listing agent who actually has direct connection to the sellers and has taken the time to “learn the house”?  Scroll almost all of the way down the property information page to the section entitled “Listing Provider”.  There you will find the Listing Agent’s name.  Since I have a profile all set up, you just need to click on Jen McMorran and that link will bring you to my agent page with all of my contact information.  I’d then be happy to send along any information I have (as I am sure any list agent would!!)

Real estate websites absolutely play a vital role in marketing properties and reaching the most consumers. I just feel it is so important for consumers to understand how these sites work.  If you are directed to an agent does not understand a property (or projects like our new construction), you as a buyer run the risk of being misadvised and/or missing out.  (Sadly I had this happen to two buyers this past spring when our Flynn Terrace townhomes were selling so fast.  Those two buyers missed out and a third had a pretty stressful transaction as they used the random agent assigned through Realtor.com to represent them.)

So, if you don’t have an agent and want “more information” from a source who actually has it, scroll down to the Listing Provider section.  If you do already have a relationship with an agent, give them a call and let them know you think you may have found the “one”.  They can then make the calls for you.

Real Estate transactions can be stressful enough… no need to make them more stressful.   Rely on the listing agent who knows the property best for more information or call the agent who knows you and your needs the best!

Jen McMorran, Realtor
Kensington Real Estate Brokerage
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