And the dragonfly winged off in to her new world of sun and air…

dragonfly“And the dragonfly winged off into her new world of sun and air.”
~ Doris Stickney

IMG_6374 (2)As many have heard, our dear sweet daughter Zoe passed away on March 19th, 2017.   I could not be more thankful for all of my friends, family, and community support – we truly are blessed to have you carry us along. Through it all, my real estate business has also carried on thanks to the hard work and dedication of my amazing team at Kensington Real Estate Brokerage – thank you, thank you for being there for my clients! 

I am now back to real estate and ready to support my clients and work hard throughout the home buying and selling processes until we can say “Sold!”.  Whether buying or selling, I am ready to get the job done just as I always have.  I love referrals so please feel free share my contact information with any friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors who may be thinking about buying or selling (508-930-5259,  I promise to commit the same dedication and professionalism to them just as I would to you.   Thanks so much for your continued support… I couldn’t do it without you!

Celebrating Zoe McMorran

ZoeZoe DaZhi McMorran (16) passed away on March 19, 2017 just as the sun came out that afternoon.  Her final days were spent surrounded by love from family and close friends at her home in North Attleboro.

A sophomore at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School in Franklin Mass, Zoe explored the Early Education program as a freshman where her passion for children shined. She then joined the Culinary Arts where her creative side and food were a perfect match.  She truly enjoyed working with her classmates, teachers, and staff, and always looked forward to greeting the patrons at Gerry’s Place (Tri County’s own restaurant) with a smile on her face.

Zoe volunteered at Sacred Heart on Sunday’s assisting with the Children’s Liturgy of the Word program.   She also enjoyed her role at the World War1 Park and Zoo caring for the animals on the weekends and as a counselor in training for their summer camp.

Zoe lived life to the fullest embracing all that was offered.  Her positive attitude reminded others of the most important things in life like family, friends, and of course, food.  Her humor and smile easily turned tough situations into a good ones.   She loved her music and singing and she would never miss an opportunity to record a new track a The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp recording studio. She loved cooking and baking and couldn’t wait to try out recipes in her new Pioneer Woman cookbook.   A stroke left Zoe with some physical limitations but her determination, perseverance, and optimistic attitude allowed her to achieve greatness.  Zoe attended Loral Sims School of Dance Studio 1 and 2, where she enjoyed Lyrical, Ballet, and her most recent passion Musical Theatre.  And, Zoe loved her Tuesday evening art classes at M. Walker Studio where she got to explore and create in a variety of mediums alongside her sister Avery and some very special classmates.

From an early age, Zoe was ever the jokester.  All who met Zoe easily and immediately understood that she embraced every moment.  Her ability to connect with others was very special a simple “Good Morning” or “Hi” could change anyone’s day. Zoe’s self-confidence was admirable and an inspiration to others. Her smile was contagious, her laugh infectious, her sense of humor unique, and her ability to surreptitiously steal a person’s cellphone to take selfies or other random photographs was unparalleled.

Zoe sang, danced, and laughed her way through life.  Her simple approach to each day was a blessing and an opportunity to brighten other people’s lives.  Zoe’s passing reminds that her life is one to be celebrated.  Although we miss her presence terribly, she remains forever in our hearts.

Zoe leaves behind many wonderful teams of caregivers who provided the care, love, and support that enhanced and extended her life.   The teams at Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and VNA Care and Hospice were devoted to Zoe and making life about living for which we are forever grateful.

Zoe is survived by her loving parents, Pat and Jen McMorran; and sister Avery McMorran of North Attleboro Massachusetts; paternal grandparents Phillip and Monica McMorran of Ridgefield Connecticut; Maternal grandmother Judy Watt of Sodus Point New York; and countless adoring cousins, aunts, and uncles.

She was preceded in death by her maternal grandfather David Watt; cousin Vivian Watt, and her beloved dog Baxter.

Calling hours were held on Friday March 24, 2017, from 4-8 pm at Sacred Heart Church, North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  A celebratory funeral mass was held Saturday March 25, 2017 at 11:00 am at the Sacred Heart Church, North Attleboro, Massachusetts. A collation followed the service.

Donations be made in Zoe’s memory to:


What if…

This morning when I opened my Facebook account, without noticing I hit the scroll bar and clicked to find the poem below that I posted back in the fall of 2011. If anyone is wondering why I smile a lot, keep working hard, and don’t look back… this kind of sums it up.

Avery and Zoe EasterIn 2011, my life was pretty typical until one night in August when an MRI determined that Zoe had a brain tumor. Three and half years later, Zoe is still in treatment for brain cancer with a daily chemotherapy regimen and she continues to work on regaining the strength and coordination she lost to a stroke. But, she is enjoying middle school, dance, and all of her friends, family, & supporters. Her twin sister Avery has dug in to her academics at school, immersed herself in dance classes, and is always there to help out Zoe. Those two girls are my inspiration every day despite the challenges I may face. We are blessed!

This poem was displayed on the wall at rehab gym when Zoe was at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for three weeks during the fall of 2011.

 What if
309684_2105245551351_889423867_n (2)
What if you could wake, eat, run, and play
All the normal things each and everyday
Throw, catch, and jump like you’re flying
All of this without even trying.

What if then you were sick and everything changed
Needles, doctors, it all seemed so strange
Wheelchairs, therapy, and medicine too
All of this, you had to do.

What if you felt better and appreciated it all
All the little things you could do that had left you before
Family, friends, visitors, and guests
Throughout it all, you know you were truly blessed.

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Be Home. Be Well.


Welcome to Be Home. Be Well.   

This truly is a site that reflects Me – my professional side as a real estate agent and also my personal side as a mother, wife, friend, and community member.   I couldn’t be great at either without the support of my friends, family, community, and trusted business affiliates.   I love getting new clients referred to me by people I know.  People who know me, know I care about my clients and doing everything I can to help them make the right decisions when it comes to real estate.  Starting off a client relationship with a baseline of trust always makes the home buying or selling process easier to work through – and if you’ve been through it, you know it is a “process” and there are always things to “work through” 🙂   But, we can get it done!

Be Home.

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Be Well.

When you’re not searching for or working on your Home, it is so important to also Be Well.  Enjoy your kids, your spouse, your friends, your pets, your hobbies… I love sharing favorite recipes, local ideas for fun, great get-away ideas, clever projects, cool new games, good books,  and my favorite – great deals !   I  love getting others’ ideas as well!  Check out the “Home Life” tab for my favorites and please share yours as well.

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