What if…

This morning when I opened my Facebook account, without noticing I hit the scroll bar and clicked to find the poem below that I posted back in the fall of 2011. If anyone is wondering why I smile a lot, keep working hard, and don’t look back… this kind of sums it up.

Avery and Zoe EasterIn 2011, my life was pretty typical until one night in August when an MRI determined that Zoe had a brain tumor. Three and half years later, Zoe is still in treatment for brain cancer with a daily chemotherapy regimen and she continues to work on regaining the strength and coordination she lost to a stroke. But, she is enjoying middle school, dance, and all of her friends, family, & supporters. Her twin sister Avery has dug in to her academics at school, immersed herself in dance classes, and is always there to help out Zoe. Those two girls are my inspiration every day despite the challenges I may face. We are blessed!

This poem was displayed on the wall at rehab gym when Zoe was at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for three weeks during the fall of 2011.

 What if
309684_2105245551351_889423867_n (2)
What if you could wake, eat, run, and play
All the normal things each and everyday
Throw, catch, and jump like you’re flying
All of this without even trying.

What if then you were sick and everything changed
Needles, doctors, it all seemed so strange
Wheelchairs, therapy, and medicine too
All of this, you had to do.

What if you felt better and appreciated it all
All the little things you could do that had left you before
Family, friends, visitors, and guests
Throughout it all, you know you were truly blessed.

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