Belt Up your Decor!

Tired of seeing the fifty ways to repurpose a wood pallet?  Listen, I still love the look of those weathered wood planks but I agree, those posts are getting a little monotonous.   My friend Anne just shared this idea… so cool!  There is something about the warmth and richness of leather that is almost like a hearty glass of red wine at the end of the day 🙂  Now imagine a unique leather rug on the floor, you curled up on the couch sipping  your favorite tea  and reading a fabulous book by a fire crackling in the fireplace.  Ahh…

The designer Ting who created these masterpieces currently has design studios in London and Los Angeles.  Thinking she might be a little outside my budget.  Wonder what it would take to make something like this?

Maybe I could start with the seat of a chair or a placemat…Vintage Belt Place Mats.  Sketch, London, 2005.

Though this door is amazing- functional plus a design element.

Elevator Door.  Private Residence, Chicago, 2011.

I bet some of our more contemporary buyers at Ides Hill Commons or Flynn Terrace could go for this when customizing their new Townhomes. (We have one buyer who is now creating his own industrial looking curtain rods with plumbing fixtures – his window treatments are going to look incredible, I can’t wait to see how all of his finishes come together!)

So who is going to figure out how to do this and not have it look like a project from Trading Spaces?  (How is that for a throwback to the beginnings of DIY TV?!? Ahh… the good old days.)

Let me know and I will hit every thrift store in the area to create a stockpile of leather belts for you!

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