We’ll Leave the Light On For You!

Kensington Office

Such a nice feeling to get out of the house yesterday and back to a little taste of normal. The dogs and I couldn’t do our favorite three mile walk through the trails over at World War I Park in North Attleboro (due to the three feet if snow!!), but we were able to get the kids on the bus and head off to enjoy three laps up and down the plowed roadways and hills around the park.  It was so nice – felt like we had the whole park to ourselves. So pretty. So peaceful.

My day certainly picked up pace after that with appointments, researching updates for buyers and sellers, and getting marketing set for the weekend. (Not to mention homework, chauffeuring to dance, and getting dinner ready before one last drop off to an Art Class then back to the office to finish up a few things.)

Kensington OfficeArriving to this welcoming scene in the middle of winter last night reminded me how lucky I am to work in such a warm comfortable yet productive environment.  If you have been
*wanting to find out more about buying a home,
*wondering if selling your home is the right move,
*interested in New Construction,
*curious what your home might be worth,
*want to explore investment options,
*or a First Time Home Buyer who needs a quick overview of the whole process and would love to pick my brain about real estate, I am happy to schedule time to chat at the office!

At Kensington, we have the technology, space, and comfortable environment to make meeting up easy.  Evenings after work or before your busy day starts are fine with me!  Just give a call/text 508-930-5259 or e-mail jen.mcmorran@verizon.net and let’s find a time.   And, of course, we’ll leave the light on for you… 🙂

Jen McMorranJen McMorran, Realtor   *   508-930-5259   *   jen.mcmorran@verizon.net
Kensington Real Estate Brokerage   *   http://www.jenmcmorran.realtor

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