Happy First Time Home Sellers!

Jen McMorran, a sign of good things to comeWe certainly spend a lot of time as Realtors focusing on the First Time Home Buyer and developing programs to help them succeed in the most uncertain world of real estate.   Many often forget that being on the home selling side of a transaction for the first time can be a whole new world of Real Estate as well.  I don’t make any assumptions about my clients’ real estate prowess.  I like to give an over view of the whole process when we first meet and then handle each deal step by step as it progresses.   When selling your first home, you have a different set of responsibilities and will be negotiating from a whole different perspective.   Having years of experience working on both sides of transactions, I understand how to guide sellers when making decisions throughout the process.  I assist in preparing a home to sell, pricing a property, marketing your home to prospective buyers and agents, guiding you through what can be a tedious negotiating  process, and  helping you find just the right next home.

Whether you are buying your first home, selling your first home, building your first home, haven’t experienced a real estate transaction in years, or feel like a seasoned real estate investor… laws and processes are always changing.  You can rely on me to communicate through the entire process, be available for consultations, and generally make sure we are constantly moving forward in a transaction.  My goal is always to produce Results that Move You!

Jen McMorran, RealtorJennifer McMorran, Realtor
New Construction & First Time Home Buyer Specialist
(and Antique lover & home owner)


Kensington - Jen McMorranServing clients throughout Massachusetts.
Attleboro to Boston and the communities in between.

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