Fun Spring and Easter Bouquets

Are you ready to put the thought of winter behind you? Me too! We are supposed to hit 70 degrees this week. Who would have thought after the crazy winter we had in Massachusetts last year… yay! I am packing up the snow gear, shovels, and sleds. Time to think spring and for my family start planning for Easter.

These flower bouquet ideas put me in such a pleasant mood this morning. They would be great as decoration for your Easter celebrations but also easily adaptable for anyone just wanting to welcome Spring into their home.

If you haven’t ever arranged a bouquet of flowers with fun accessories in the vase, don’t worry, it is easy. To keep the flowers watered but decorations dry, place a small vase inside of a larger one. The small vase will be for the water and flowers. You can then line your decorations up in the dry space created between the vases – use your imagination as truly anything can work and make for a fun visual display. (Too big of a space? Just wrap paper towels or tissue paper around the inside vase to lessen the room.)

easter-flower-arrangements-29The umbrella is such a cute alternative to a wreath on your front door. To keep flowers in place, use floral foam. Getting foam in the shape of a cone seems works great. I also found that hanging the umbrella on the door first and then adding decorations and flowers was easiest.

Easter Grass DIY Spring Decor

Not sure why I love the simplicity of grass, but I do!  And how cute are those little terra cotta pots arranged on a cupcake tree?  Or some fancy grass in a nice glass bowl with simple decorations.  So pretty without being distracting.

Have fun and Happy Spring!

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