Bidding Wars – Buyers be Ready!

Are you ready to enter on this real estate market?

I have been on the listing side and the buyers’ side of multiple offer situations countless times and believe me, neither are fun.   My recent listing at 53 Turnstone Dr in Attleboro had 40 showing requests in less than 24 hours of being on the market.  One day of showings produced 15 offers from ready and willing buyers by 11:00am the next morning.

It took hours to go through each offer individually as we evaluated the:

  • offer price
  • dates 
  • deposits
  • contingencies
  • personal letters to the seller
  • escalation clauses
  • and mortgage pre-approval and pre-qualification letters.

When sellers review offers, know that the highest offer price does not always “win”.   All of the terms of the offer and buyers’ qualifications must be considered both when writing up a contract as a buyer and when reviewing an offer contract as a seller.

Want to know the three best ways to position yourself as a strong, sought after buyer amidst a sea of buyers and very few listings?

 1. Work with a full-time, experienced, and respected agent who will have the knowledge and reputation to present an offer and “you” in a way that the sellers and sellers’ agent will take seriously.  You want the sellers’ side to feel confident that you are the right buyer.

Buyers need to be prepared

2.  Get pre-approved now!  Do not wait until you find a home to contact a mortgage officer.  Experienced listing agents know the difference between a pre-approval that has been vetted with buyer documentation and a pre-qualification letter that is just based on a phone conversation with a lender.  Good listing agents will always call mortgage officers to make sure the buyers are solid.  It is always in your best interest to use a full time, experienced, and respected mortgage officer and company as well.  Let me know if I can send you some names!!

3.  If you own a home and your home purchase is going to be contingent upon it selling, you need to list your home NOW.  In almost all cases, sellers will move your offer to the bottom of the pile as soon as they see a “contingent upon the sale of buyer’s house”.  Some will consider you if you have a signed P&S on your home, but some will still see that as a risk since they have to worry about you as a buyer and your buyer.  As a back up plan, it may be worth checking with your mortgage officer to see if could purchase your next home without selling your current one first.  If a down-payment is tied up in the equity of your current home, a cash-out refinance may be an option for you.  (FYI – a refinance must be completed before listing your current home or moving forward on a loan application for a new home.)  Best plan… contact your mortgage officer and a contact qualified experienced real estate agent. 

It is my true pleasure to  work hard for my clients and your referrals throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Please let me know what questions you may have and how I can be of the best assistance to you.

Jen McMorran, Realtor Jennifer McMorran, Realtor, SRES
New Construction & First Time Home Buyer Specialist
MA & RI Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate
New Homes Team Kensington Real Estate Brokerage
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Serving clients throughout Massachusetts & Rhode Island. Boston – Attleboro – Providence and the communities in between.

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